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The Beauty and Versatility of Vinyl Fencing: Secure Your Property with Breakwater Fence

When it comes to enhancing the security, privacy, and overall appeal of your residential property, few fencing options rival the benefits of vinyl fences. With Breakwater Fence, an established local fencing company with over 45 years of experience, installing a top-quality vinyl fence around your home is now easier than ever.

We are determined to set the bar high and maintain a gold standard in the provision of superior fencing services. What makes us unparalleled in the marketplace is our dedication towards delivering quality, durability, and dependable service in the installation of Vinyl Fencing.

One of our outstanding characteristics is the intrinsic use of metal supports within all sections of our vinyl fencing. While these supports are not directly visible to the naked eye, their function is critically essential. They play an instrumental role in preventing the fence from sagging over time, thus, providing you with a substantially stable and durable fence that not only serves its primary function but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Another feature that sets Breakwater Fence apart from its competition is the use of larger posts. Instead of using common 4in x 4in posts, we fortify our fences with 5in x 5in posts. This added size and weight vastly improves the fence's resistance against wind damage, securing your fence during those tough weather conditions.

We take pride in making sure our vinyl fences provide superior endurance. To ensure this, each post is anchored three feet deep into the ground with concrete. This foundation stability adds to the durability and longevity of your fencing, further protecting your investment.

Unlike other fencing companies, Breakwater Fence insists on using Virgin Vinyl instead of Co-extrusion Vinyl. Co-extrusion Vinyl usually consists of a thin outer layer and a recycled core that lacks the durability and longevity provided by Virgin Vinyl. Virgin Vinyl offers superior strength and resilience, maintaining its vibrant look for years to come.

The all-important hardware we employ is another facet that sets us apart. Breakwater Fence uses powder coated stainless steel in all of its vinyl fence installations. This not only ensures the utmost strength but also guarantees that the hardware will never rust, maintaining a clean, polished look for a lifetime.

Addressing a common concern in fence installment, we ensure that the gates to your premises do not sag over time. To ensure this, we use a 5in x 5in Aluminum I Beam in gate posts. This additional support keeps your gates level and functioning optimally, leading to improved durability and performance.

Lastly, we believe in our products and stand by their quality. All our fences are backed with a manufacturer lifetime warranty. This highlights our confidence in our product's durability and represents our commitment to customer satisfaction.

When it comes to superior vinyl fencing, Breakwater Fence provides an unmatched level of quality, durability, and reliable service. Our use of superior materials, innovative installation techniques, and attention to detail are a testament to our ongoing commitment to excellence. At Breakwater Fence, you don't just get a fence, you get a robust, reliable barrier designed to withstand the test of time.

From the initial design stages to the installation and maintenance of your fence, we prioritize customer satisfaction at every step. We solidify our reputation with every fence we install, proving time and time again that we aren't just building fences — we're building trust, peace of mind, and the assurance that your fence will endure for years to come.

Choose Breakwater Fence for your next vinyl fencing project and join our growing list of satisfied customers, cherishing the value and durability that only we can assure. Experience the difference, experience the Breakwater way.

Endure the elements, withstand the years, foster beauty, and take pride in your premises with Breakwater Fence — where quality and client satisfaction are guaranteed.

At Breakwater Fence, your safety, security, and satisfaction are our topmost concerns. We do not just meet the standard; we redefine it. Choose Breakwater Fence; choose excellence in vinyl fencing.