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Elevate Security and Elegance: Choose Breakwater Fence for Aluminum Fence Installation

When it comes to creating a secure and visually appealing boundary for your residential or commercial property, aluminum fences are an excellent choice. Breakwater Fence, a reputable local fencing company with over 45 years of experience, specializes in the installation of high-quality aluminum fences. Our expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to customer satisfaction make us the go-to choice for transforming your property with a durable and elegant aluminum fence.

At Breakwater Fence, we specialize in providing superior fencing solutions that don't merely meet industry standards but redefine them. Our aluminum fences are a prime example, crafted with unwavering attention to quality and durability.

What makes our aluminum fencing stand out is the augmented thickness - 1/3 thicker than the standard .060 wall post. This beefed-up structure optimizes sturdiness and guarantees exceptional longevity, far outpacing conventional options in the market.

Further reinforcing strength, our gates are constructed with 2-inch uprights instead of the standard 1.5 inches. This enhancement improves the overall structure's resilience, mitigating gate sagging for an extended period, thus, promising enduring security for your property.

All our gate posts are anchored 3' into the ground with concrete, irrespective of the type - aluminum or vinyl. All other posts (lines, corners & ends) are anchored 2' deep. Such deep anchoring ensures a stable and durable fencing solution that can weather any condition.

Choose from our variety of styles and designs, each contributing to an appealing aesthetic for your property. With Breakwater Fence, you're not just investing in a competent fence; you're investing in a durable, beautifully crafted, and reliable addition to your property that significantly upgrades its appeal and security.

Scheduled maintenance is hardly a worry with our aluminum fences. A simple wash with soap and water keeps them looking fresh and vibrant. So, you get to relish a visually pleasing, low-maintenance, and secure solution for your property boundaries.

When you choose Breakwater Fence, you not only get a reliable, resilient, and refined fencing solution but also a team of professional installers dedicated to bringing your vision to life with meticulous attention to every detail. We guide you through the complete process, from initial conceptualization to final installation, delivering unmatched functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship.

In essence, Breakwater Fence offers far more than standard fencing solutions. We offer peace of mind, unparalleled in quality and sophistication, and a lifetime of appealing, weather-resistant security for your property. With Breakwater Fence, it's not just about superior products but also about impeccable customer service and lasting trust. Choose us for your aluminum fencing needs and let us enhance your property with our exceptional fencing solutions. Experience the Breakwater difference – strength that retains, quality that sustains.